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Croeso i'r Dosbarth Cymraeg.

Welcome to the Welsh class.

The Welsh group came together during 2012, and currently six members  enjoy the challenge of getting their heads around the pronunciations and the fiendish mutations ; the latter of which involves the beginning of words changing dependent on the nature of the preceding word in the sentence! Confused?....that's not unusual but, in time, we find ways to memorise these changes and they have even started to seem natural ! We use some of the very helpful learning materials available on the BBC Wales website and and interesting magazine, written especially for adult learners of Welsh called "Lingo Newydd". This contains articles about the current concerns in Wales - the history, places of interest, social and environmental concerns as well as, of course, a horoscope and crossword.  This gives rise to plenty of lively discussion!

The group members all have some connection with Wales and its language and culture, mostly through family members and through time spent in Wales in our younger years. We have benefited from Welsh language courses attended by one of our members and from visits by Welsh speaking friends.

We enjoy wonderful hospitality in the home of our language adviser Ellen Evans who, along with her husband Keith, is a native Welsh speaker and we are grateful to Margaret Flood, who is learning the language herself alongside the rest of us whilst functioning as Group Leader.

Why do we do it?

We sometimes meet the question why learn Welsh? After all, English is widely understood and used in the Principality; wouldn't French or Spanish be more useful?  Here are some of our answers in no particular order of importance.

"I've always wanted to improve my rudimentary knowledge of Welsh learnt on childhood visits to my Welsh speaking Mother's family in North Wales. Meeting with the other U3A group members has brought the memories flooding back and it's great fun too!"